Doing the right first thing first when it comes to Marketing

When it comes to Marketing, it can be hard to know what do or what to do first. This is a real Marketing scenario for many busy business owners. Questions I hear in consults all the time include: Where do I make an investment? (insert time, money or effort here) What...

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Create Content That Converts

Create Content that Converts (and how to build it) Hello dear reader! I hope you had a great weekend, enjoying time with family and friends. Wait…you worked all weekend because you had to get a blog post up? You didn’t know what to write? You ended up on the floor in...

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Social Media for the Business Owner

Social Media is nothing to fear Too many options for using Social Media paralyze people. It’s true. There are so many platform and ways to communicate your brand value that it can leave you just plain stuck. You are not alone if you feel this way. I use Social Media a...

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Quick tips to generate qualified leads

No one likes to cold call It's got to be one of my least favorite things to do in life, and I certainly don't enjoy doing it to generate business. A qualified lead is so much easier to follow up on than a cold list of names and numbers. Create a warm and fuzzy...

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5 small business marketing challenges (and how to crush them)

We all face marketing challenges in small business Small businesses, I feel you. I really do. I am also a small business owner who has goals and dreams of success. Sometimes, in small business, we get stuck in our day-to-day survival and client work. Sometimes, we are...

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The Newsletter Faux-Pas

We've all been there- the uninvited newsletter in our inbox We've opened up our inbox and found unwanted, spammy, emails or newsletters from people or companies we don't know or don't care about. We have not given them permission to show up in our everyday email, and...

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