Hello, is anybody home?

Hello, is anybody home? That’s what your website visitors think when they look at your site and the content is out of date or hasn’t been updated in a long time. That’s what your fans on Social Media think when they “drive by” your pages to see what’s up and the last...

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Be yourself when it comes to branding

Know who you are... and you'll go far If the definition of branding is “who you are”, not “what you do” when it comes to your business, it’s important to take stock about the message, tone and voice in all of your communications. If you’re in the spa business and...

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A look at Branding vs. Marketing

What is the difference between Branding and Marketing? When I am in front of a group talking about Branding and Marketing, I always start with a definition of both. There are a lot of ways to define Branding- even more about Marketing. Somewhere along the way, I found...

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2017: A quick look back

Take a look back. You can do it! As we move into 2018, it's never a bad idea to look back at what 2017 showed us as business owners. I know, for me, I ask myself questions to help evaluate what worked and what didn't. An important part of any planning process is...

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2017 Homestretch: Turning a vision into a plan

Let's do this. Let's crush 2018. We have our vision. We have our ideas. Now it's time to create the plan. "Yikes," you cry. "I can't possibly do this. I'm overwhelmed!" This very exclamation is something I often hear from busy business owners who know they need to...

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2017 Homestretch: What do I do now?

We've all been there. The homestretch is upon us and there is just a little bit more time in the year to do something positive and impactful to market our business to finish strong. In this week's Monday Marketing Minute, we address this very common situation and look...

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