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Marketing Coaching

Passion in business matters

Working with passionate business owners looking to bring themselves and their values to their work is something I love to do. Their passion is motivation for success- and collaboration means a lot. As a passionate entrepreneur myself, I understand the value passion, collaboration and goal setting can bring.

Count me in as your trusted partner

When you engage with me as your marketing coach, you can expect a customized set of services specifically crafted to address your needs, and support the implementation of the most effective tactics for your business.

I am more than a coach or cheerleader; I guide, support and partner with you in areas like inbound marketing, web presence development, and overall branding. It all starts with discovering your goals and building a strategy.

Why work with a coach?

Someone's got your back.

Small business ownership can be lonely and sometimes isolating. If you need feedback on your inbound marketing plan or strategy, I can help. Further, we can work together to pull the right one together and make your plan happen.

Get it right the first time.

A good website is only the start. If your web presence is non-existent, scattered, or poorly communicated, I can help create an improved and rejuvenated brand and presence that resonates with your target audiences.

No more overwhelm!

Does the idea of marketing make you feel like a deer in the headlights? There are so many ways to market your business to engage more clients- but which tactic comes first? I will work with you to craft a plan that works for you, your business and your budget. Let’s focus on what works for you and your business.

Get focused and conquer the competition!

Can you clearly verbalize what makes your business different and why someone should work with you rather than your competition? Simple, clear and concise messaging makes a huge difference in your communication.

Erin MacCoy

Communications and Presentation Coaching

Bring your brand to life…and the masses

As a business or nonprofit, you know that a vibrant and effective brand is everything. Together, we will deliver your brand to their audiences- effectively, concisely and passionately.

Event Program Development

Be heard. Be prepared. Be outstanding!

Memorable and powerful speeches and presentations are critical to your mission and goals. You need the support of a professional who can develop and craft event programming that lands. You need a coach who can help your team, executives or board members tell your compelling story, and tell it well. When your message needs grace, cohesion and ingenuity, you need a skilled professional by your side to help tell the story.

If you’re ready to hit your targets and convert with care and integrity, it’s time we talk.


Elevate your brand and message

When someone on your team needs to communicate your brand publicly, they need to be engaging, inspiring and effective. Up-level their presentation skills and generate the connections and interactions you are looking for by working with a seasoned and comprehensive presentation coach.

Whether you’re a manager, leader, or part of a cross-company team, it is critical to communicate brands and stories effectively.

With customized coaching to complement your skill set, get ready to inspire and wow your audiences by stepping into your powerful voice and message.

Coaching Testimonials

Card Kingdom

“Hiring Erin to coach our employees and leadership team was a no brainer.”

“As our business grew and expanded, it became more challenging to retain the core philosophy that helped us become successful in the first place. Through spending time with our employees and engaging the leadership team, Erin helped us identify and capture those core principles in such a way that we could easily tell the story of who we are to our customers as well as our newest employees. Erin’s combination of professionalism, subject matter expertise, and approachability made her a great fit for our organization.”

James Buckley

President, Card Kingdom

Giddens School

“Erin crafted moving, funny and inspiring speeches that helped raise more money than I thought possible.”

“It was a fortuitous Google search that led me into Erin’s capable hands. From our first meeting, Erin’s warmth, confidence and skill came through. I hired Erin to work with me on speeches for two special events; a fundraising breakfast and an auction. She crafted moving, funny and inspiring speeches that helped raise more money than I thought possible. Erin also provided coaching services for all our speakers, from fifth grade students to Board Members. She is firm, kind and full of easy to remember tips that put both speakers and event planners at ease. In addition to her skill as a writer and coach, she is also a joy to work with. She has amazing energy, enthusiasm and a sparkle that is contagious. I can’t wait to work with Erin on my next projects this fall!”

Amy Bresslour

Director of Development, The Giddens School

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association

“Erin is truly a well-rounded professional coach, able to take on every aspect of marketing and communications for her clients. You should hire her.”

“I am happy to recommend Erin MacCoy as a go-to leader and coach in marketing and communications services. I have worked with Erin on numerous projects, including fundraising programming and have seen her enthusiasm and passion for her work drive those around her to excel. Erin brings relentless positive energy to her work, beaming with fresh ideas and an infectious work ethic.”

David Bestock

Executive Director, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association

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